“If you want to train your children correctly, train them in the way they should go, and not in the way that they want to go.”
~ J.C. Ryle

As parents of twin boys attending CPC we were asked to write a testimonial on behalf of the school. It is our firm belief that these preschool years are the most important years in the academic development of our children. After researching and screening more than a dozen schools we selected CPC as our academic venue. CPC was the only preschool that offered a computer course.

Under the guidance of Principal Grace Ng and the tutelage of her teachers, our boys have thrived in this environment for the past two years. This school provides a high level of academic learning. Their values, philosophies and curriculum reflect what we believe to be important in the development of our boys.

The enriched environment provided by the school has aided us as parents in conveying to our boys fundamental social and cognitive skills. This school is also about having fun as our boys enjoy their interaction with all their friends and teachers. They really look forward to going to school.

We have chosen to have our boys stay at CPC to attend Kindergarten in order to maintain their educational continuity and developmental progress.

We speak highly of all the care and attention that they have received by the entire staff of teachers at CPC School. We are grateful to have the influence of these dedicated professionals.

Thank you to everyone at CPC.

~ Stephen and Elaine Chan

CPC Preschool is an excellent traditional preschool. They have a long history of serving the Chinese community from all over the lower mainland.

My daughter will be finishing her 2 years at CPC soon. My wife and I are very pleased with the way her development has advanced. In my opinion, CPC teaches a lot more than other preschools.

Besides the phonics, reading readiness and all that other academic stuff, the children also learn to sing and perform on stage at an annual Christmas play and at the year end graduation, very impressive performances. The dedicated teachers also emphasize Christian values and aspects of the Chinese culture. They encourage parents participation in that there is homework and show and tell to prepare for every week. Not all is work as there is time for such things as field trips, Easter parties and sports days. The Parents Committee also has a big Christmas luncheon and special play dates. All a lot of fun. My wife and I have recommended CPC to others and will continue to do so. Thanks CPC.

~ Dr. Lonny Lee

CPC provides preschoolers with a structured program taught by teachers with many years of experience. They have an underlying philosophy that very young children are capable and this belief shines through in the warmth and respect that the teachers show the students. Through song, my son has learned the planets, continents, his anatomy and much more. He now knows the alphabet and has phonemic awareness. He is even starting to read! CPC has prepared Thomas for success in kindergarten. Above this, they have also taught me to be a better parent.

~ Dr. Caroline Benedek

As a mother of a preschooler, I am very happy and proud to have my daughter enrolled at CPC. The school is well organized and provides a fun and stimulating environment for children to learn. All the teachers are wonderful and care about the children. I would definitely recommend the school to other parents.

~ Dr. Hilda H. Ma

Congratulations to CPC Preschool for moulding and nurturing young lives in God’s way for 80 faithful years. We are truly blessed to have a group of committed teachers who educate, train and inspire children from their hearts. Thank you CPC Preschool for building firm foundations in our young children and preparing them for successful and fruitful lives.

~ Dr. Polly Chan

The Chinese Presbyterian Church Preschool is rich in faith and community spirit. Dedicated staff provide a warm, safe, fun and bilingual environment for their students.
Three generations of my family have attended this wonderful school – my father, siblings, and my children.

Special highlights include: the annual Christmas concert, Easter party, Sports Day, and the Graduation Ceremony. The children and parents are guaranteed to leave the school with many fond memories and lasting friendships.

~ Marie Fung